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Health Information Exchanges

Health Information Exchanges (HIE) allow doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, lab vendors, and other health care facilities to access and securely share patient health information – improving the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care. HIE's help community providers by providing comprehensive records from multiple facilities in one secure electronic portal. This technology allows for seamless delivery of health information across care settings. Arizona Kidney Disease and Hypertension Centers participates in the HIE's listed below. Under state and federal law you have rights regarding your participation within an HIE, including the ability to request that you would like to "Opt Out" or not have your health information disclosed within the HIE.

Health Current HIE

For questions about any of the Patient Rights Process or if an HIE participant needs assistance in implementing the notification process, please contact Health Current at 602-688-7200 or email them at hiesupport@healthcurrent.org. All completed forms can be faxed to (602) 324-5596 or (520) 300-8397.

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